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CIP Reports

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2017Apportionment Report FY2017Tax Apportionment Reports
2016Apportionment Report FY2016Tax Apportionment Reports
2015Apportionment Report FY2015Tax Apportionment Reports
2014Apportionment Report FY2014Tax Apportionment Reports
2013Apportionment Report FY2013Tax Apportionment Reports
2012Apportionment Report FY2012Tax Apportionment Reports
2011Apportionment Report FY2011Tax Apportionment Reports
2010Apportionment Report FY2010Tax Apportionment Reports
2009Apportionment Report FY2009Tax Apportionment Reports
2008Apportionment Report FY2008Tax Apportionment Reports
09/30/2017Audit Report FY2016-2017Single Audit Reports
09/30/2016Audit Report FY2015-2016Single Audit Reports
09/30/2015Audit Report FY2014-2015Single Audit Reports
09/30/2014Audit Report FY2013-2014Single Audit Reports
09/30/2013Audit Report FY2012-2013Single Audit Reports
09/30/2012Audit Report FY2011-2012Single Audit Reports
09/30/2011Audit Report FY2010-2011Single Audit Reports
09/30/2010Audit Report FY2009-2010Single Audit Reports
09/30/2009Audit Report FY2008-2009Single Audit Reports
09/30/2008Audit Report FY2007-2008Single Audit Reports
09/30/2013PAFR FY2013Popular Annual Financial Report
09/30/2012PAFR FY2012Popular Annual Financial Report
09/30/2011PAFR FY2011Popular Annual Financial Report
09/30/2010PAFR FY2010Popular Annual Financial Report
09/30/2009PAFR FY2009Popular Annual Financial Report
09/30/2008PAFR FY2008Popular Annual Financial Report
02/12/2018Pension Financial ReportPension Report/Schedule
08/16/2018Order Denying Stay Pending Appeal 6th CircuitOther Developments
02/12/2018OPEB Interim ReportOPEB Reports
08/08/2018Michigan Finance Authority Senior Lien Distributable State Aid Revenue Bonds Series 2018Official Statements
10/04/2019IRMA LetterIRMA Documents
2018F65 FY2018F65 Reports
2017F65 FY2017F65 Reports
2016F65 FY2016F65 Reports
2016Historic Data Report FY2016F65 Reports
2015F65 FY2015F65 Reports
2014F65 FY2014F65 Reports
2013F65 FY2013F65 Reports
2012F65 FY2012F65 Reports
2011F65 FY2011F65 Reports
2010F65 FY2010F65 Reports
04/10/2017Equalization Report 2017Equalization Reports
04/21/2016Equalization Report 2016Equalization Reports
04/16/2015Equalization Report 2015Equalization Reports
05/12/2014Equalization Report 2014Equalization Reports
04/16/2013Equalization Report 2013Equalization Reports
04/18/2012Equalization Report 2012Equalization Reports
04/20/2011Equalization Report 2011Equalization Reports
04/21/2010Equalization Report 2010Equalization Reports
04/22/2009Equalization Report 2009Equalization Reports
04/15/2008Equalization Report 2008Equalization Reports
07/12/2018Material Event Notice of Failure to File DisclosuresContinuing Disclosure
2017Historical Continuing Disclosure 2017-2015Continuing Disclosure
09/30/2018CAFR FY2018Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
09/30/2017CAFR FY2017Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
09/30/2016CAFR FY2016Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
09/30/2015CAFR FY2015Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
09/30/2014CAFR FY2014Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
09/30/2013CAFR FY2013Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
09/30/2012CAFR FY2012Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
09/30/2011CAFR FY2011Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
09/30/2010CAFR FY2010Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
09/30/2009CAFR FY2009Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
09/30/2008CAFR FY2008Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
09/25/2019CIP 2019 ReportCIP Reports
09/28/2018CIP 2018 ReportCIP Reports
2018FY18 Capital Improvement PlanCapital Improvement Plan (CIP)
2019Adopted Budget FY 2018-2019Budgets
2018Adopted Budget FY 2017-2018Budgets
2017Adopted Budget FY2016-2017Budgets