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Wayne County is a public corporation, created under the Constitution and Statues of the State of Michigan, with general governmental powers and authority. Under Act 206 of the Michigan Public Acts of 1893, as amended, the County Treasurer is the officer responsible for collection of delinquent real property taxes which are returned to the County as uncollected on March 1 of each year. The Treasurer is also responsible for the application of the borrowing proceeds and the preservation of the primary and secondary security, 

The County is a home rule charter county incorporated under Act 293, Public Acts of Michigan 1967, as amended, and is governed by an elected Chief Executive Officer, who is elected on an at-large basis for a 4-year term, and a 15 member County Commission elected for 2-year terms from districts of approximately equal population.

The County is the most populous county in the State of Michigan with a population of 1,829,582 according to the 2010 US Census. The County is located in the southeaster corner of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, encompassing approximately 623 square miles, with its southeastern boundary being the shoreline of portions of Lake St. Claire and the Detroit River. The County is made up of 9 townships, 34 cities and 34 public school districts.

The Team

Warren C. Evans

County Executive

(313) 224-0286


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John Wallace

Chief Finical Officer

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Robert Widigan

Chief Deputy Financial Officer

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Eric R. Sabree

County Treasurer

(313) 224-5990


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