Learn about the Team at Wayne County, Michigan Investor Relations, including our County Executive, Chief Finical Officer, and Chief Deputy Financial Officer.
Photo of Warren C. Evans

Warren C. Evans

County Executive
(313) 224-0286

Warren C. Evans was elected as Wayne County’s 4th County Executive in 2014 with a strong mandate from voters to restore ethical leadership to Michigan’s largest county as it faced a financial crisis.

Mr. Evans restored fiscal stability to Wayne County as it eliminated a $52 million structural deficit and $82 million accumulated deficit while exiting a consent agreement in just 14 months, when many thought the County was headed to bankruptcy. That progress continues as Wayne County has produced three consecutive budget surpluses, increased funding for the County’s pension system, and reduced unfunded health care liabilities by nearly $1 billion. Wayne County’s financial turnaround has earned repeated credit rating upgrades from three Wall Street credit agencies: Moody’s, Fitch Rating and Standard & Poor’s.

John Wallace

Chief Finical Officer

Robert Widigan

Chief Deputy Financial Officer
Photo of Eric R. Sabree

Eric R. Sabree

County Treasurer
(313) 224-5990